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24 hour car hire rental service available at airport.

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Scenic Driving Routes

Places on Cyprus that are well connected by scenic costal routes or motorway, Ayia Napa and Protaras are reachable within three hours, Larnaca and Nicosia within two hours and Limassol within 45 minutes of Paphos. The beautiful Troodos mountain are just one or two hours away.

Ayia Napa to Protaras

Ayia  Napa to Protaras Ayia Napa widely known for beach parties is the ideal holiday place for age group 18 to 30 and families with young children. The place is full of lively atmosphere , sandy beaches, music, pubs, clubs and restaurants, which keeps you entertained all the time.

The main centre of the district is Paralimni, 3 miles north of Ayia Napa itself. East of the village is Protaras, known to be more family oriented and has good beaches and lots of watersports. The two famous resort near Protaras are the resort of Protaras for family and the other is Fig Tree Bay.

South of Protaras is Cape Greko, the easternmost point of this end of the island - where the challenge is to leap from the rocks into the sea; and Konnos Bay, just past Cape Greco, where there is a beach café and speedboats on hire. Other popular beaches include Nissi Beach and Nissi Bay, two miles (3km) west of Ayia Napa. A great place to visit, but definitely not the real Cyprus. [more]

Limassol/ Troodos mountains/ Omodos / Platres / Caledonian Falls / Kakopetria

Limassol Omodos – is a lovely village situated between Limassol and the Troodos mountains and is well known as a wine producing village. Also it is famous for its natural diversity, cultural and wealth of history.

The Monastery of Stavros, 'Holy Cross', standing by the stone-paved square that contains old icons, excellent wood carving and other ecclesiastical objects of interest, as well as a small National Struggle Museum are amongst places you must see.[more]

Troodos mountains

Troodos mountains Platres - is situated to the southern side of the troodos mountains, having a cool, pleasant environment crowded with pine trees. It is good to escape the heat and noisy beach parties.

Ideal for those who enjoy walking or just sitting under shaded trees, open air space, enjoying the silence and admiring the fantastic views. Good in summer for long walks in scented pine forests and for skiing in winter.[more]

Caledonian Falls -

Caledonian FallsJust to the north of Platres lies Caledonian falls, the highest waterfall in Cyprus, plunging 12 metres amidst the trees. The falls get their name from the Greek word chelidonia - swallows - as these birds can often be seen flying over the pool in the late afternoon in search of insects.

During the hotter months of the year, a popular place to take a wander amidst the trees is the Caledonian Falls. While in the spring, wild flowers flourish on their banks.[more]


Kakopetria Move down from the peak of the troodos mountains to find Kakopetri village – welcoming tourists with warming summer heat. Kakopetri village is surrounded by thick forests and is built on the banks of the Kargotis and Garillis River. These two rivers join in the village itself and form the river Klarios, which crosses the solea and empties into morfou bay.

Kakopetri village is divided into two parts by a flowing mountain stream running through the middle – one is large surrounded by luxury hotels and restaurants offering mainly international cuisine, while the other offers traditional stone built houses and small hotels offering four poster beds in traditional surroundings, whichever you choose both are fantastic in their own right.[more]

Troodos mountains

Troodos  mountains - Troodos mountains - To the western side of Cyprus, find the biggest mountain range in Cyprus known as Troodos Mountian. An ideal holiday place for those who wish to spend their days between trees admiring the nature in Summer.[more]

Cape Kiti and Amathus

Cape Kiti and Amathus The long stretch of coastline between Larnaca to Limassol that can be driven to by motorway to see many places of interest. This has not yet been touched by tourist development.[more]

Kourion and the Sanctuary of Apollo

Kourion and the Sanctuary of Apollo Enjoy the real taste of Ancient Greeks and Romans at the dramatic cliff top city of Kourion and the well-preserved Sanctuary of Apollo.

If you find yourselves in Limassol, then hire a car and drive to the ancient city of Kourion and the Sanctuary of Apollo which are just 20 kms away from Limassol. Also it's easy to reach from Larnaca or Paphos airports.

The ancient city of Kourion offers you breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, remains of Roman buildings, Roman Theatre constructed in the 2nd century, remains of the Roman Stadium, the remains of the House of the Gladiators, the House of Achilles, the Agora (or market-place), the public baths and the Nymphaeum (a large building which contained baths, a meeting chamber, an atrium and fountains). One of the other most significant sites near the ancient city of Kourion is the Sanctuary of Apollo Hyates.

The origins of the buildings that made up the Sanctuary are believed to date back as far as the 8th B.C., but most of the construction took place during the Roman period. You can also see the Treasury of Apollo, where priests would have made votives to the Sun-God. [more]

Kykkos Monastery:

Kykkos Monastery From Paphos International Airport drive to Pedoulas which leads to Kykkos (from Troodos); road north towards Platres, past Pedoulas to Kykkos (from Limassol); towards Limassol, then northeast past Kedares to Platres (from Paphos). The monastery is well-signposted.

Kykkos Monastery is a famous monastery in Cyprus founded by the Byzantine emperor Alexios Komnenos in 11th century and dedicated to Virgin Mary who is said to have wept for a whole month!

Thousands of Cypriots gathered to witness this miracle and they will go on talking about it for years to come. Some visitors come to the Monastery of Kykkos for workship, while some come to visit the museum and to know more about the history of the monastery and of the Cypriot church more generally.[more]